When Holocaust Themes Don’t Work

From Tablet Magazine A recent episode of ‘Supergirl’ invoked imagery that felt exploitive and uncreative By Sarah Meira Rosenberg the show in question is CBS’s effervescent Supergirl and an episode called Strange Visitor from Another Planet, which aired last Monday. In fact, the bodies in the aforementioned narration are not from a scene that re-imagines … Read more

‘Angie Tribeca’ Is the Best Show You’re Not Yet Watching

From Tablet Magazine By Liel Leibovitz … Although the show’s creators—the actor Steve Carell and his wife the comedian and writer Nancy Walls Carell—aren’t Jews, its sensibility is unmistakably rooted in the same mid-century, Midwestern, suburban, neurotic, literate, anarchic soil from which Airplane! et al. bloomed. But while the Carells aren’t the first non-Jews to … Read more

Bacon, Bulimia, and Bedouins: Sundance Through a Jewish Lens

From Tablet Magazine The Sundance Film Festival recently wrapped, and an Israeli director took home a Grand Jury prize By Rose Kaplan Sundance also awarded documentarian Josh Kriegman a U.S. Grand Jury Prize for his film Weiner, about Anthony Weiner’s New York City mayoral campaign in 2013; and Toronto animator/filmmaker Sol Friedman a Short Film … Read more

Miley Cyrus and Woody Allen are going to make art together—for America

From Tablet Magazine The cast has been announced for Woody Allen’s long-in-the-works six-episode television project for Amazon Studios (Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and The Man in the High Castle), and boy, does it have people you’d never expect to see in the same room together. Most notable is the pairing of frequent Allen collaborator … Read more

New Documentary ‘Alyad’ Depicts Jewish Life in the Soviet Union

From Tablet Magazine Nika Vashakidze’s film about refuseniks offers a new perspective on the complexity of Jewish life in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. ‘Alyad’ premieres in New York on Wednesday. By Hannah Vaitsblit …The title of the film is a tribute to the phenomenon of young Soviet Jews congregating alyad, or … Read more

Downton Abbey’s Nice Jewish Boy

From Tablet Magazine On this week’s episode, we meet the Rothschild-esque Atticus Aldridge To paraphrase Little Shop of Horrors (a far superior examination of class and the way it imprisons those caught on the lower rungs of society), I’m telling the you the bad times are clean washed away. Because Lady Rose MacClare, the lovely … Read more