Filming Jewry’s greatest stories

From thew Jewish Journal: What rationales account for this glaring reluctance to produce Jewry’s many remarkable stories? Two explanations come to mind, one psychological and the other commercial: a) the Jewish filmmaking community’s desire to downplay its influence in Hollywood; b) profitability concerns. From a communal perspective, the first issue is a real problem. Dead … Read more

70 films, 4 days, 7 screens: the Annapolis Film Festival

From the Capital Gazette: “Raise the Roof,” directed by Yari Wolinsk, is the story of artists Rick and Laura Brown’s 10-year pursuit to reconstruct the elaborate roof and painted ceiling of the Gwozdziec synagogue, destroyed by Nazis in World War II, … The synagogues of 18th-century Poland rivaled the greatest wooden architecture in history. More than … Read more

50 documentaries you need to see: Night and Fog, Waltz With Bashir, Five Broken Cameras, Amy, Shoah

From the Guardian: 50 documentaries you need to see: Ten of the best nonfiction film-makers today choose their own favourites, from serial killer stories and studies in the horrors of war to meta pranks Night and Fog, Alain Resnais, 1955 What really impressed me about this film was its concision. It’s about the Holocaust, but … Read more

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s’ Lainie Kazan Is The World’s Most Famous Jewish ‘Greek’ Mama

From Forward: We have already established that “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is the story of basically every Jewish family everywhere. But did you know that the movie’s heart and soul is actually Jewish? Lainie Kazan brings a familiar nudgey, yet loving, maternal character to life in Maria Portokalos that can only be played by … Read more

Apply for the Jerusalem Film Workshop

How would you like to learn about filmmaking, travel through Israel, meet fellow filmmakers from around the world and screen your film during the acclaimed Jerusalem Film Festival? Well, then the Jerusalem Film Workshop at ‘Ma’aleh School Of Television, Film and arts’ is where you need to be this summer. We offer a variety of summer programs for 19-27 year olds looking … Read more

Films added in March 2016

In the month of March I added 71 films to this site. Some of them are old, others are new. There are shorts, feature films, documentaries and TV series among them. In the list below I used the English title for all them, but many of them are from other countries. The only thing common … Read more