The Cantor’s Last Cantata

Poster for The Cantor’s Last Cantata About to retire, the cantor of a small reform Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn, NY, mounts a production of the "Brooklyn Baseball Cantata," a largely forgotten musical oddity from 1940. Composed by George Kleinsinger with lyrics by Michael Stratton, the operetta imagines a moment when Brooklynites awake from a borough-wide slumber to share a dream that their beloved Brooklyn Dodgers finally beat The New York Yankees, their arch-rivals from the Bronx, in a World Series. "The Cantor's Last Cantata," follows the amateur choir members as they rehearse, kibbutz, nosh Entenmanns and perform for the congregation. ( Source )

12 minutes
Harvey Wang

Shown at

  1. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2021

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