Poster for Sublet Michael (John Benjamin Hickey), a New York Times travel writer visiting Tel Aviv to research his latest article, get some space from his relationship, and recharge his batteries amid the thriving gay scene. Intending to sublet an apartment in Israel’s most populous city, he spontaneously agrees to share the modest one-bedroom space when it becomes clear that handsome tenant Tomer (Niv Nissim) has nowhere else to go. The age gap between the reserved Michael and the free-spirited Tomer lends the film a subtle humor and charm that grows as the pair get to know one another. As Michael shares his wisdom and soaks up the youthful energy that surrounds them, his guard begins to drop and he finds the inspiration to embrace his life again. (Source)

89 minutes
Eytan Fox

Shown at

  1. 31st Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  2. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  3. Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  4. Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  5. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  6. El Paso Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  7. Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival Fall Fest - 2020
  8. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  9. JPL Israeli Film Festival (Montreal) - 2021
  10. San Luis Obispo Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  11. Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  12. Toronto Jewish Film Festival Fall Edition - 2020

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