Menachem Begin: Peace and War

This powerful film was produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and presents a surprising and unfamiliar portrait of Israel’s sixth prime minister. Menachem Begin led Israel for six dramatic years, which produced waves that are still felt deeply within the fabric of Israel’s social and political landscape. During Begin’s one and a half terms in office, he faced a maelstrom of challenges and made a handful of fateful decisions that led both to creating peace and launching a war. In addition, he was the first Prime Minister to appoint Mizrahi Jews (from Arab countries) to important political positions, showing respect and appreciation for their cultures. The film merges rare archival footage shown for the first time, as well as current interviews with key figures during Menachem Begin’s time as Prime Minister.

87 minutes
Levi Zini

Shown at

  1. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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