Lost In Berlin

Poster for Lost In Berlin In her small apartment in the city of Minneapolis, the centenarian, Gerda Martel Freund sits in her comfortable recliner watching an endless loop of I Love Lucy reruns. Much like the brutal temperature extremes of the city in which she has landed, her life mirrors the cataclysmic events of the past century. Gerda is the daughter of Oscar® winning Director/Cinematographer Karl Freund, whose life takes us on an incredible life journey spanning the globe from NAZI Germany, to the Canary Islands and eventually back to Minnesota. Her son, Director Rod Martel, takes the viewer along on his desperate quest to discover his family's fascinating past before his mother's rapidly fading memory closes the door forever.

103 minutes
Rodney S. Martel

Shown at

  1. Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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