You Need To Be Ready To Let Go Of What The Eye Sees

The three actresses in this video assume the roles of a Jewish woman, a Muslim woman, and a Russian Orthodox nun, all of whom represent the world of pious women who observe rules of extreme modesty. The film’s title quotes Haya, one of the Jewish modesty women, who appeals to us not to judge them by their clothing and outward appearance. Attempting to reveal the personal world of the modesty women is an inherently paradoxical quest. As we could neither record nor photograph them, we have chosen to present them through the intermediary of actors. The texts they speak are based upon interviews conducted between 2015 and 2018 with women from all three religions, and the repeated dressing and undressing that appear in the film – at once a documentary and an artwork – are a stylized representation of what they said.

16 minutes
Ari Teperberg

Shown at

  1. Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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