The Dead of Jaffa / Hametim shel yafo

Poster for The Dead of Jaffa / Hametim shel yafo Three children from the West Bank are smuggled into Israel, arriving at the doorstep of George and Rita's house in Jaffa. Their mother is dead, and their father has been sentenced for life. As Israeli Palestinians, George is afraid that hiding illegal aliens will endanger Rita and himself, while Rita believes the arrival of these children could give meaning to her life. Nearby, a foreign film is being shot. Jerry, an English director, is making a movie about his parents' love affair in 1947, when they served in the British army in Palestine. George is invited to play a part. When the two stories intertwine, tensions erupt.

Original title:
Hametim shel yafo
96 minutes
Ram Loevy

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2019
  2. New Jersey Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  3. San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  4. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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