The Albanian Code

Poster for The Albanian Code Documentary feature with unique archival footage, unveiling the unknown story of rescuing thousands of Jewish refugees in Albania (Mostly Muslim state) in WWII. Ennie Altaratz -Francis, who was saved there escaping from Yugoslavia, decides to go to thank whoever she can. This voyage is full of surprises, discovering how an entire Nation: saved refugees, bound by their Moral Code. At-last, the Albanians get the appreciation they deserve for being the only country in Europe that rescued the persecuted. The film carries a universal message of gratitude to human-values.

55 minutes
Yael Katzir

Shown at

  1. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  2. Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  3. San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  4. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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