Sunset Over Hollywood / Sunset Over Mulholland Drive

Poster for Sunset Over Hollywood / Sunset Over Mulholland Drive Hidden at the end of Mulholland Drive north of Los Angeles is the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the retirement home of the US film industry. Its residents — former filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, camera operators, sound designers, lighting technicians, and make-up artists — were once the backbone of Hollywood’s Dream Factory. But age has not at all curbed the creative drive of these forgotten Hollywood heroes. This wonderful place, lost in reverie, is illuminated in this touching and heartfelt film that celebrates the artists and creators of such classics as The Godfather, The Apartment, E.T., American Graffiti, among so many others. (Source)

Original title:
Sunset Over Mulholland Drive
97 minutes
Uli Gaulke, Agnes Lisa Wegner

Shown at

  1. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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