Shamir, His Way

1991 - a pivotal year that started with Iraqi missiles launched on Israel and has ended with the consequential Madrid Peace Conference was the last year Yitzhak Shamir served as the Prime Minister of Israel. The film intertwines exclusive and behind-the-scenes' insights illustrating the unique path between the terror of war and the hopes of peace. It dramatically unfolds Shamir's unprecedented and controversial decisions such as not retaliating to Iraq's missile attack in addition to withstanding international pressure from world leaders such as President George H. W. Bush and President Mikhail Gorbachev. The film reveals significant milestones in Shamir's life as head of the LEHI, "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel" – a militant organization that has fought the British Mandate in order to establish a Jewish state in Israel. Shamir was also the head of an elite and secret unite in the MOSSAD – Israel Secret Intelligence Service before entering politics. ( Source )

Original title:
Shamir, BeDarko
60 minutes
Erez Friedman, Igal Lerner

Shown at

  1. Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival - 2021

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