An empty, sexualized female character follows meditation instructions (in hebrew), trapped in a glass case, in a synthetically perfect looking space. The relaxed meditation instructions turn into self defense instructions. She follows them, as the viewer gazes at her empty body. This causes her to flip out and break out of the glass case. Outside, there is no sound and no instructions. Her body has a mind of its own and with every independent hit she gives the air, fleshy material fills her arms, legs and then her full body. Liberation of form comes as pure destruction to her once sexualized body. She destroys the space, coming into form then into pure mushy abstract. Where her violent anger touch, a fire flower grows. Blood spreads into the once clean space as she walks away seeking freedom and a new world to destroy.

3 minutes
Danna Grace Windsor

Shown at

  1. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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