This poignant film is a composite of five unique documentaries that portray true stories from different areas of HaNevi’im Street (Street of the Prophets) in Jerusalem. It vividly brings to light all the richness and subtlety of this remarkable thoroughfare and features the everyday heroes who live and work on it, including: Dr. Irit Kafka (“The Mother of Half of Jerusalem”) who is the head of IVF at Bikkur Holim Hospital; Motti, a falafel vendor; Yehudit, an ultra-Orthodox artist working in community outreach; Miriam, an evangelical Christian; and a pair of boxers, one Jewish and one Arab. An intimate and vibrant account of the diversity of life on one of the busiest streets in Jerusalem.

50 minutes
Ewa Chodzicka, Taylor Hartley, Pietro Pinto, Justyna Gawelko, Constanza Poupin

Shown at

  1. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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