One Hundred Percent

Poster for One Hundred Percent The village of Beit Jann in the mountains of the Galilee holds the highest record of high school graduates in Israel, and possibly in the world. While the school only held a 12% graduation rate up to a few years ago, it has now climbed to 100%. Beit Jann inhabits a population of 12,000 Druze, an Arabic speaking ethnic group scattered around Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, suffering from systematic discrimination. But is the goal worth the extreme measures being taken? Do the students possess a real chance for a better future? And what will be the place of Druze tradition in light of the liberal values the school is promoting? This is the story of a closed society trying to find its way in a changing reality.

Original title:
Mea Achuz
70 minutes
Yael Kipper Zaretzky, Ronen Zaretsky


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