My Dearest Enemy

My Dearest Enemy is a powerful drama set in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu-Tor; a community that is half-Jewish and half-Arab. It follows the twenty five years relationship of Maya, a Jewish girl and Alice, an Arab girl. Drawn to each other by their shared love for poetry, they develop a deep bond that grows into an impossible friendship. Alice enters an arranged marriage with Ibrahim and must move to Paris with him, abandoning her lover, Daud by whom she has become pregnant; a fact that only Maya knows. 25 years later, Alice returns to Israel and the two women attempt to renew their friendship. Their deep bond is put to the ultimate test when Daud reappears in Alice's life and tries to recruit Alice to a terrorist act—something she must hide from Maya. Both women must now choose between friendship, duty, and the pull of history. This is a story of love, betrayal, shattered dreams and courage. Above all, it is a story about the hope and promise of enduring friendship.

100 minutes
Tzipi Trope


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