Poster for Mossad The greatest box-office successes in Israeli cinema of 2019. Alon Gur Arye's absurdly wild comedy on the daily goings-on of the Mossad, Israel's international intelligence agency. Guy Moran (Tsahi Haley') is a sleek Mossad agent who has to deal with Linda Harris (Efrat Dort) a manipulative CIA operative, with each of them competing to get the credit for saving the world from an international terror organization. When an American millionaire is kidnapped in Jerusalem, the CIA decides not to depend on Israel any longer and sends its own agent for the rescue operation. This Film Supports This SiteRelations between her and the Mossad agents reach the level of "respect and suspect". She is backed by substantial budgets and operates by the book whereas he is spontaneous, looks for short-cuts, and takes all the credit for himself. If the mission is a failure, Haim, the Mossad's Director (Ilan Dar) won't be able to fulfill his ambition of lighting one of the Independence Day torches in a live TV broadcast, something that simply is inconceivable in his eyes. - Legendary director David Zucker ("Airplane!", "Naked Gun") contributed throughout the production.

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95 minutes
Alon Gur Arye

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2019
  2. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2019
  3. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  4. San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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