Love in Suspenders / Ahava Bi’Shlei’kes

Poster for Love in Suspenders / Ahava Bi’Shlei’kes Tami is a widow in her 60s and Beno is a widower in his 70s. She is optimistic, always smiling, and still talking to her husband who has been dead for a few years already. Beno is tougher on the outside, but also still suffering from the loss of his wife. Tami and her husband were successful singers so now she lives comfortably in a beautiful retirement home. He, on the other hand, is finding it hard to pay the monthly rent. Notwithstanding their differences in lifestyle and personality, and their interfering offspring and neighbors, they eventually fall in love.

Original title:
Ahava Bi'Shlei'kes
93 minutes
Yohanan Weller

Shown at

  1. 30th Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  2. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  3. Baltimore Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  4. Central Florida Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  5. Charlotte Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  6. Cincinnati Jewish & Israeli Film Festival - 2019
  7. Davie Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  8. Dayton Jewish International Film Festival - 2020
  9. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  10. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  11. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2019
  12. Jewish Arts and Film Festival of Fairfield County - 2019
  13. Jewish Film Festival of Central New Jersey - 2019
  14. Jewish Film Festival of Southwest Florida - 2020
  15. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  16. Naples Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  17. New Jersey Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  18. Northern New Jersey Israel Film Festival - 2019
  19. Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  20. Oklahoma Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  21. Rehoboth Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  22. Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  23. San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  24. Sonoma County Israeli Film Fest - 2020
  25. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  26. Victoria International Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  27. Virginia Festival of Jewish Film - 2020
  28. Wilmington Jewish Film Festival Summer Series - 2019

2 Responses

  1. Stacey Foodim-Sloan says:

    I missed it!!
    Where and when can I view this film ?
    I live in Wilton, CT
    Will it be shown on Netflix?

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know when and how you will be able to watch the movie. In my experience a year  after it finished showing at festivals there will be a way to do so. 

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