Poster for Lieber-man The meteoric rise of Avigdor Lieberman was the first sign of a new era in the state of Israel - and with it, the fall of "the old elites," the right wing trend, and the emergence of "the second Israel" as the dominant political force. But Lieberman himself, who immigrated at the age of 20, without a penny in his pocket, remains a mystery. How did he make it? Is he corrupt or a victim? A racist or a pragmatist? And what lies behind his special relations with Benjamin Netanyahu, dating back to the eighties? Nurit Kedar's film deciphers the Lieberman story from a new perspective, one that has to do with the social changes that Israel underwent in the last two decades.

59 minutes
Nurit Kedar

Shown at

  1. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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