It Takes a Family

Poster for It Takes a Family It Takes A Family is a complex, personal story about the director’s family, its secrets and repressed memories. Susanne Kovács knows that her paternal grandparents survived the Holocaust and fled to Denmark to begin a new life. The Hungarian couple kept their own story under lock and key throughout their lives and focused on immersing themselves into Danish everyday life as quickly as possible. A picture book life, seen from the outside. To escape the memory of death, they smiled and remained silent. If no one sees the darkness, they hoped, normality becomes possible. However the unsaid did not fade but grew and finally began to darken the present. Now, Susanne wants to break the silence. But her probing questions bring back painful memories. Is she at all allowed to dig into a family history that holds so many ghosts from the past? And maybe there is more than one truth?

59 minutes
Susanne Kovacs

Shown at

  1. Moscow Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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