El día que me muera. Mi gran velorio / The Day I Die

Poster for El día que me muera. Mi gran velorio / The Day I Die Dina has not seen her three children for many years. They escaped from her excessive control and live abroad. She can't overcome her aerophobia to visit them. She doesn't stand anymore without seeing them, and with her friends she creates a mock funeral to force them to come and see her, but her plan will unleash a madness. Who could think that this plan will work?

Original title:
El día que me muera. Mi gran velorio
100 minutes
Néstor Sánchez Sotelo

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  1. “My amazing funeral” is a Comedy about an argentinian jewish mome who simulate his own funeral to force her sons to come back to visite her.

    The English subtitled trailer

    password: blum515z

    another two musical clips



    And you can find more at:

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