Best Unkept Secret

Poster for Best Unkept Secret 15 years long documentation follows the heart wrenching story of a maturing boy who discovers one day he has been manipulated and used throughout his life by fanatic organizations seeking to promote their ideology fighting Jewish assimilation. He sets on a journey of redemption in search of the truth to the numerous rumors and confronts his worst fears. This is an extraordinary, and inspirational story, connecting two extreme worlds of our existence on this disputed land, where Arabs and Jews, orthodox and seculars, right and left, mix brutally in one character. than fiction epic documentary that follows the transformation that a boy undergoes, from being a radical orthodox Jewish fundamentalist nationalistic ideological settler, to discovering one day that he has been living a lie.

Original title:
Hasod She'Kulam Yod'im
57 minutes
Ilan Mizrahi

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