Poster for Abe "Abe" is a 12-year-old half Israeli and half Palestinian kid from Brooklyn driven by his passion for food, who has never had a dinner without a family fight. Abe escapes from a stupid summer cooking camp and is mentored by the Afro Brazilian Chef "Chico", who specializes in serving fusion food at pop up food fairs. One side of the family prefers to call him "Avraham" (in Hebrew), the other side "Ibrahim" (in Arab), while his agnostic atheist parents call him "Abraham", in English. But he prefers Abe, just Abe.

85 minutes
Fernando Grostein Andrade

Shown at

  1. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  2. Cleveland Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  3. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  4. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  5. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2019
  6. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2020
  7. Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2020
  8. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  9. Morris and Mollye Fogelman International Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  10. Other Israel Film Festival - 2019
  11. Rehoboth Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  12. Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  13. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  14. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  15. Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  16. The National Center For Jewish Film's 22nd Annual Film Festival - 2019
  17. Triad Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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