Zohar: The Return

Poster for Zohar: The Return Decades after leaving the entertainment world to become an ultra-Orthodox Rabi, Uri Zohar, one of the founders of Israeli cinema, is once again directing a film. With the help of a group of young film school graduates, Zohar directs a film about a successful dancer discovering her faith who, much like Uri Zohar's own personal story, finds herself torn between two opposing worlds - religion and art. On the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Uri Zohar shares his story for the first time. His life's milestones are accompanied by shots from his films, where there is almost always one protagonist, usually played by Uri Zohar himself, battling his inner demons.

Original title:
Uri Zohar Khozer
70 minutes
Dani Rosenberg, Yaniv Segalovich

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2019

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