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What happens to a mother of eight, Jewish Orthodox woman, leading a quiet life, when she finds out one day, the admired rabbi, teacher of her sons, has been sexually abusing them since their Bar-Mitzva?

Ornit, a 42 year-old ultra-Orthodox woman, had to face this question and against her will, became a hero overnight. She and her children, Yankie and Mandy, sued the offender, and endured grueling legal proceedings. But on top of that, they had to cope with another blow – their community defended the Rabbi, and they were proclaimed “Moissers” (informers).The victim, who aired the dirty laundry in public, faced shunning.

This Film Supports This SiteGenendi, (42), is married and a mother of three. 18 years ago she spoke out loud about being raped by her father, a famous rabbi, when she was a little girl. Since then, none of her 11 siblings or mother spoke to her. Genendi was shunned by her extended family for the secrets she did not keep.

Ornit and Genendi are assisted by Shana, 29 also a Jewish Orthodox woman.

These victims become empowerment for other Orthodox the battle against sexual offenses in the community. They will no longer remain silent

Film has two versions 70 and 58 minutes
Director Producer: Dalit Kimor, also handles films festivals
Script: Dalit Kimor, Tali Halter Shankar
Cinematographer: Yoram Millo
Editor: Tali Halter Shenkar
Original Music: Doron Shenkar Yonatan Shenkar
Broadcaster: yesDocu
Produced with support of Makor Foundation for Israeli Films

Distribution: First Hand Films

Director Statement

Rarely in a life of a filmmaker one can make something that you feel important, that can actually make a change.
The Jewish ultra orthodox community in Israel-is very much controlled by the social norm of not showing the dirty laundry in public. This approach is typical to many other segregate communities such as the Catholic Church, Olympic or university sports teams, or other religious communities who close ranks around its sexual abusers. When being molested – Many times they do not want the help of the secular authorities and therefore do not approach the police or court for help.
In my documentary I met 2 very brave women that either they or their children suffered from pedophilia by a respectful rabbi in their community.
Women in the Jewish Orthodox community are rarely allowed to speak in public, and of course not allowed to be filmed. Showing their face on the media according sexual abuse- is something never heard of. Both of them stood up against all their community members and decided to create change – and when I saw that I decided to help them.
It was the hardest film I have ever made, the protagonist where terrified of the expose and by what people may say. But eventually decided to do it in hope that it will make a change for other people. I hope you will give them a voice.

Dalit Kimor – director

Dalit Kimor is a documentary film director and Producer of award winning films that were screened in Israel and around the world.
Among them: Mrs. G. 2019, Unkept Secrets 2018, Samira 2015 (drama), Ida’s dance club 2009, Pickles 2006, the year of my death 2005 and more
Most of her films deal with social issues and women rights
Dalit has M.A in psychology from The Hebrew university of Jerusalem and M.F.A. in Film &T.V from Tel –Aviv University.
Born in Jerusalem and living in Tel Aviv, mother of two sons.

Quotes from the press: A word from the film critics

Ben Biron Brauda TV bee mako 19.4.19

Unkept- Secrets-A Docu you must see
Unkept Secrets is the most shocking documentary we have seen recently. It deals with the phenomenon of pedophilia in the ultra- orthodox community from the perspective of the “informers” .
Dalit Kimor’s documentary demands an examination of searching wounds that are previously untouched. It deals with Pedophilia in the ultra- orthodox community in a way that has never been shown before.

…The film is about a struggle, women power and justice in its most pragmatic sense. Instead of slogans, you can see the people, the informers (moisserim) behind their stories and the difficulties they are facing. The result is absolutely fascinating and worth every minute of your time. ,

Yediot Aharonot- Chen Artzi Sror 18.4.19

The choice to talk about sexual assault in the ultra orthodox community is not a simple one; the creator shares these stories tells these stories with dignity and does not turn the film to National Geographic film. On the contrary; even though the great differences in culture and social codes; if there is something that the film demonstrates it is the tremendous similarities between all victims actions and denial of every society . In the end- when it comes to these terrible events we all have the same pitfalls and hide the same wounds.

Original title:
70 minutes
Dalit Kimor

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