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In 1942, the Kramarczuk family lived outside of Kyiv, and at five years old, Bob discovered what his Ukrainian Catholic family had been hiding.

Tucked in the barn that overlooked a Jewish cemetery, Bob befriended their Jewish neighbors, Rachael and her 2 sons, who were waiting for an opportunity to evade capture from the Nazis. Bob learned that his mother, a Godfearing and righteous woman, felt compelled to help as many people escape as she could.

This Film Supports This SiteFifty years after his family secret was discovered and subsequently had been severely punished for their humanity, Bob had become a successful businessman and educator. An unexpected invitation to return to his homeland to deliver a keynote address reawakened the horrors of his childhood. A chance encounter with the face that haunted him in his nightmares caused adult Bob to reconcile the truth that the frightened child in him could no longer avoid.

Based on the memoirs of Robert A. Kramarczuk, PhD.

14 minutes
Noah Bewley

Shown at

  1. Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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