Picture of His Life

Poster for Picture of His Life World renowned wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum has one final photographic dream remaining - to photograph a Polar Bear underwater, while swimming alongside it. The film follows Amos in the Canadian Arctic, as he prepares for his ultimate challenge. As the journey unfolds, so does an intimate and painful story of dedication, sacrifice and personal redemption.

75 minutes
Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir

Shown at

  1. Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  2. Beth Tzedec Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  3. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  4. Carmel Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  5. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2019
  6. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  7. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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