Poster for Papa Ben knew he was adopted but his parents  refused to share with him any information about his biological parents. At age 23 he starts searching on his own and discovers that his mother died while giving him birth and his father if it is his father, might live in a home for the mentally challenged individuals. In order to find out if indeed this person is his father he gets a job at the home working side by side with David. A unique relationship develops between the two, and at the same time a romantic bond is building between Ben and Dina, a young attractive Argentinian woman who work there. Through many twists and turns,   Ben finally finds out the unique circumstances that led to his adoption. The love between Dina and Ben passed through many loops and grew exponentially. Papa is a heart warming story about family, relationship trust and love. It makes you laugh, brings a tear to your eye. All in all you leave the theater with questions, deep thoughts and a positive feeling of hope.

107 minutes
Dan Israely

Shown at

  1. Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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  1. Bonnie Klozow says:

    Where is this movie Papa available to watch at a theatre!!! I have several friends and we all want to go

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