Each year, the Hermelin family of Detroit come together to celebrate Passover (pesach)—honoring the liberation of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt—by eating Gefilte fish, the meal that stars in New York-born director Rachel Fleit’s new film. While simple on the surface, Gefilte is stuffed with history and meaning (just like the recipe itself, which includes a paste of fish, salt, vegetables and egg). However, “Gefilte isn’t about the fish,” suggests the Brooklyn-based writer and director. Instead, “it becomes a lightening rod, in which we project all of our feelings about family, identity, tradition, struggle, loss—and as always, love.”

11 minutes
Rachel Fleit

Shown at

  1. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  2. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  3. Cincinnati Jewish & Israeli Film Festival - 2019
  4. Joyce Forum Short Film Festival - 2019
  5. Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2019
  6. Morris and Mollye Fogelman International Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  7. Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  8. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  9. Savannah Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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  1. i would like to show this film in our jewish filmfestival vienna. how can i get the permission? i can’t find angything in the net.
    thanks for further infos. doris kittler

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