Finita La Commedia

Poster for Finita La Commedia “Finita La Commedia” are said to be Beethoven’s last words, and there are no words that can better describe the “behind the scenes” antics of this wild comedy, filmed in the lobby of “Dona Gracia” hotel in Tiberias near the Sea of Galilee. Finita La Comedia is building cult status in Israel, and is a great farewell from the late Assi Dayan, playing the role of Beethoven, in his final performance. Two plot lines converge, one is a film following Beethoven’s life, the other, a love triangle on the last day on the set amongst the “making of” crew, which is ready to explode behind the scenes.

77 minutes
Victor Braun, Shachar Zefania

Shown at

  1. SERET - The UK Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2019

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