Extra Innings

Poster for Extra Innings Set against the enchanting backdrop of 1960's Brooklyn, Extra Innings tells the story of David Sabah, a young man who is caught between pursuing his dream of playing baseball and staying devoted to his Syrian Jewish family that is afflicted with mental illness, but a tragic loss makes reconciling the two worlds impossible. At 12 years old, David Sabah's life was changed forever. When David's love for baseball first comes into bloom, so too does his parents' contempt for it. The overbearing Eli and Esther have just returned from Israel after getting psychiatric treatment for their schizophrenic son Morris. In light of Morris' continued solitude, signified by the classical music echoing from his bedroom, Eli and Esther act to ensure that another child doesn't leave them, like David's manic-depressive older sister Vivian already has. But in tightening their grips around the lives of their children, save for their loyal daughter Rita, they only drive David and Morris further away.

100 minutes
Albert Dabah

Shown at

  1. 31st Annual Orange County International Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  2. Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  3. Cleveland Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  4. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  5. Jewish Film Festival of Southwest Florida - 2021
  6. Kansas City Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  7. Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2020
  8. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  9. Nashville Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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