Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis: Don’t be so modest, You aren’t that great!

In April 2017, Radiohead invited Dudu Tassa to join its U.S. Tour. Dudu embarked on the journey of his life, accompanied by the “Kuwaitis”, a unique musical ensemble consisting of Jews and Arabs, singer Nasreen Qadri, and a camera that documented this once-in-a-lifetime experience from his own personal and intimate perspective. It is a very touching and significant moment for him, as he takes the Kuwaitis, and his Iraqi grandfather and great uncle back to where they belong—on a large stage before a huge audience from all over the world. Alongside the great expectations, glory and excitement, we discover the nearly unperceivable connection between Iraqi music and Rock ‘n’ Roll, performed by an Israeli singer and an Arab Muslim singer in the U.S.

64 minutes
Tal Hake

Shown at

  1. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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