Army of Lovers in the Holy Land

Poster for Army of Lovers in the Holy Land Army of Lovers is a Swedish pop-dance band that has enjoyed a string of European hits in the 1990s, hits that are based on kitsch lyrics, high camp videos, and a libertine philosophy. This documentary film takes a fun and revealing look at one of Europe's most outrageous acts, the band's enduring popularity in Israel, and the vocalist's surprising decision to move to Israel, a decision that brings about their first-ever concert in the Holy Land.

Original title:
Army of Lovers BeEretz HaKodesh
65 minutes
Asaf Galay

Shown at

  1. Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  2. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2020
  3. Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg - 2019
  4. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  5. Toronto Jewish Film Festival Fall Edition - 2020
  6. Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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