Your Honor

A respected judge risks his reputation to cover up his teenage son’s involvement in a hit-and-run accident that caused the death of the local crime boss’s son. Events begin to spiral out of control, and the judge crosses further into criminal territory when a Bedouin police officer and his wife assist the judge in helping to cover up the incident.

36 minutes
Ohad Knoller, Shlomo Moshiah, Ron Ninio

Shown at

  1. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  2. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2018
  3. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2020
  4. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  5. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2017
  6. Other Israel Film Festival - 2017
  7. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  8. Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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