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The world of the film forms around a unique musical instrument and its incredible journey, that involved witnessing all the horrors of the war. It opens in a violin shop, where at the beginning of the 20 century an instrument was created as a present for a Jewish boy. It ends many years later by a concert at the Wailing Wall. 


This Film Supports This SiteThe filming took place in Moscow, New York, Prague, Brest, Minsk and ended in Jerusalem with accordance of the novel's plot. Film was made with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

  • Written by: Konstantin Fam, Maksim Voskoboev, Paul Brown (co-creator), Yossi Tavor (idea)
  • Produced by: Konstantin Fam, Boris Mints, Egor Odintsov, Alexey A. Petrukhin
  • Executive producers: Katerina Mikhaylova
  • Co-producers: Sasha Klein, Sergey Yakubovsky, Michail Bykov
  • Line Producer: Tanya Dovidovskaya, Edita Bleikh, Marianna Andryushchenko, Gennady Pavlovich
  • Associate Producer: Yuri Zelvensky
  • Cinematography by: Mikhail Vikhrov, Otabek Djuraev, Aleksandr Aleynikov, Phil Lee, David Strajmayster
  • Music by: Egor Romanenko
  • Art Direction by: Philip Lagunovich-Cherepko, Ofeliya Arzumanova, Karel Vanicek
  • Edited by: Olga Grinshpun, Aleksandr Shik, Aleksandr Poddybsky
  • Production Companies: Ark Pictures, Russian Film Group
  • Cast: Lenn Kudrjawizki, Vladimir Koshevoy, Mikhail Gorevoy, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Maria King, Mariya Zykova, Alexey Petrukhin, Anzhelika Kashirina, Alim Kandur, Vyacheslav Ganenko


The film was longlisted for the Oscars in the category Live Action Short Film in 2017, and also participated in the short film competition program of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, where its world premiere took place. The same year, the film was nominated for the Golden Eagle Award in the Best Short Film category.


  • Golden Eagle Award, 2016 (Russia) – Nominee
  • Best Shorts Competition, 2018 (USA) – Honorary Award
  • Snake Alley Festival Of Film, 2018 (USA) – Best of the Fest
  • The Nevada International Film Festival, 2018 (USA) – Short Film Competition, Gold Reel Award Winners
  • Arlington International Film Festival Awards, 2018 (USA) – Best Short Narrative
  • Near Nazareth Film Festival, 2018 (Israel) – Best in Short 
  • 2nd Sochi International Film Festival and Awards – Vera Glagoleva Award, Short Film Competition Special Award For the Preservation of Historical Memory
  • Cinema Break Russian Film Festival, 2018 (Russia) – Grand Prix


  • 39th Moscow International Film Festival, 2018 (Russia)
  • Indie Fest USA International Film Festival, 2018 (USA)
  • ONE Country ONE Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival, 2018 (France)  
  • Festival Of Globe Film Festival (FOGSV) in Silicon Valley, 2018 (USA)
  • Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival, 2018 (USA) 


  • Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia
  • Russian Jewish Congress

Original title:
35 minutes
Konstantin Fam

Shown at

  1. Joyce Forum Short Film Festival - 2018

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