To the Ends of the Earth: The Jews of San Diego

By wagon train and steamship, Jews began arriving in San Diego in 1850 when it was a dusty, sleepy, pueblo in the remote southwest corner of the United States. Their innovations, determination, and strong sense of community breathed life into and shaped the greater community, helping to create what is today the 8th largest city in the nation. Director Isaac Artenstein (TIJUANA JEWS) turns his keen cultural eye on San Diego’s history. With over 50 interviews that include descendants of early Jewish pioneers, scientists, entrepreneurs, academics as well as avant-garde artists, rabbis, and surfers, the film creates a living portrait of a vibrant and culturally-dynamic community that has thrived in this region for over 150 years.

90 minutes
Isaac Artenstein

Shown at

  1. 28th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  2. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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