Marina, Mabuse & Morituri

Poster for Marina, Mabuse & Morituri The CCC Filmkunst has produced more than 250 films since their foundation 70 years ago. The CCC-studios in Berlin-Spandau was the place to be for the great film stars of the 50s, 60s and 70s, where they streamed in and out steadily. Actors like Heinz Rühmann, Maria Schell, O.W. Fischer, Peter Alexander, Freddy Quinn, Caterina Valente, Gert Fröbe, Klaus Kinski, Curd Jürgens, Romy Schneider... And director giants such as Harald Reinl, Robert Siodmak or Fritz Lang. The CCC ("Central Cinema Company"), founded by Artur Brauner in 1946, was one of the largest, most important and most productive film production companies of the post-war period.

52 minutes
Kathrin Anderson

Shown at

  1. Jüdische Filmtage in München - 2018

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