Hamavdil: from Morning to Night

Machane Yehuda, a market that never sleeps; popular with locals and tourists alike. The characters and the ambience are unrivalled, a poem to those of the old generation and the new, those who work there and those who come to shop, eat, and party… This short student film is about the famous Jerusalem ‘Shuk’ and its transition each day from a bustling, colourful marketplace filled with noisy vendors and a melange of shoppers, to a unique nightlife centre, with independent bars, eclectic restaurants and live music haunts. The film was selected from this year’s Jerusalem Film Workshop, a six week program for young filmmakers from around the world.

10 minutes
Erik Hirschhorn
Poster for Hamavdil: from Morning to Night

Shown at

  1. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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