Foreign Land

Poster for Foreign Land As Israeli society slips into extremism, an Arab actor and a Jewish journalist search for a place where they can belong. Ghassan Abbas was once a famous TV star in Israel. Director Shlomi Eldar was once an Arab Affairs correspondent for Israel’s TV news. Both men have discovered that their audiences are getting smaller by the day. Abbas is not getting any new roles, and Eldar’s reports are getting pushed to the sidelines of the daily news reports. Israeli society no longer wants to hear about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Now facing a professional crisis, these two friends are searching for a way to escape, while taking account of how changes in Israel affect them both personally and on a national level. (From: )

75 minutes
Shlomi Eldar

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2018
  2. Louisville Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  3. Other Israel Film Festival - 2018
  4. SERET the London Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2018
  5. Seret: The Amsterdam Israeli Film and Television Festival - 2018
  6. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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