Barbra Streisand, Becoming an Icon / Barbra Streisand: Geburt einer Diva 1942-1984

Hello Gorgeous! This insightful documentary traces how Barbra Streisand became an international superstar. Beginning with her childhood in Brooklyn, we follow as she navigates her dreams of becoming a singer and actress. Refusing to have her nose ‘fixed’, she helped usher in new standards of beauty. Standing up for women in a male dominated industry, Barbra never backed down, and ultimately became the first woman to direct and star in a studio movie (Yentl). Nicknamed a farbrendt (firecracker) by her grandmother, Barbra Streisand is a trailblazer and an unabashedly Jewish icon. As this film reminds us, she always “did it her way”!

Original title:
Barbra Streisand: Geburt einer Diva 1942-1984
59 minutes
Nicolas Maupied

Shown at

  1. 26th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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