Poster for #Uploading_Holocaust The first documentary entirely composed of existing YouTube material, showing how young Israelis deal with the memory of the Holocaust in the digital age Thousands of young Israelis join “The journey to Poland” each year to learn about the holocaust. Looking into the journey through the videos they upload on YouTube reviles a moving and troubling image of the Israeli narrative and the way collective memory is formed in the web age. In the YouTube clips they create, students share private and moving moments of fear and despair – unmediated testimonies of themselves trying to make sense of the insane. Using these clips as raw material, we follow the journey to Poland from a variety of intimate points of view and explore how the personal becomes national, reality becomes cyber and history becomes myth.

75 minutes
Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir

Shown at

  1. Maine Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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