The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin.

Poster for The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin. Walter Benjamin expressed the vanishing of the verbal form of storytelling in his 1936 essay. Following Benjamin's description of a storyteller we are looking at the storyteller of today. The selected protagonists are: architects Peter Eisenman and Nikolaus Hirsch, artists Özge Açikkol & Seçil Yersel, Simon Starling, Nikolay Polisski, fakir Lalu Baba, activist Ali Shamsher. Their effort shows that behind each of the works there stands a personal experience, absorbing the experiences of many. Relived again and again it determines the practices of one's life. Today's storyteller, be it an artist or an architect presents a possibility to share the experience without words. He makes visible and tangible for us that which remains inexistent for the media and the commerce.

102 minutes
Nathaniel Knop

Shown at

  1. Moscow Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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