The Righteous Gypsy

Poster for The Righteous Gypsy Hajira Imeri Mihaljic is the only Roma person ever to be awarded the honorary title of Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem. A former employee of the Levi family in Croatia, Mihaljic was visiting them at a holding camp in Mitrovica, Kosovo, when the grandmother of two-year-old Esther asked if she would take the child and raise her as her own. Mihaljic agreed and bravely risked her own life by disguising Esther as Roma, thereby saving her. This previously unknown story is brought to life in this moving documentary recounted by Esther Levi herself. ( Source )

33 minutes
Dominik Sedlar, Jakov Sedlar

Shown at

  1. Toronto Jewish Film Festival Fall Edition - 2020

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