The Promised Band

Poster for The Promised Band THE PROMISED BAND is the story of a fake rock band comprised of Israeli and Palestinian women who have decided that, despite their dubious musical talent, a music group is the best cover story to meet and interact with each other. Aided by a naive but well-meaning American TV producer, our unlikely musicians have to cross borders, repeatedly and sometimes illegally. They have to secure permits to travel when possible, and find safe spaces to practice and perform. Although their societies are kept apart by the Israeli separation wall, solid concrete 26-feet tall and 3-feet thick, the women connect on their sameness, and their lives become entangled in ways they couldn't expect. Together, they realize that while they have nothing to fear from each other, peace may be impossible in a place where their friendship is criminalized, and women's voices can be easily drowned out.

89 minutes
Jen Heck

Shown at

  1. Other Israel Film Festival - 2017
  2. Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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