The Last Laugh

Poster for The Last Laugh Are we allowed to make jokes about the Holocaust? In this outrageously funny and thought-provoking film, The Last Laugh, filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein puts the question about comedy's ultimate taboo to legends including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried, Harry Shearer, Jeff Ross, Judy Gold, Susie Essman, Larry Charles, and many other critical thinkers, as well as Holocaust survivors themselves. Through these interviews and clips from our favorite standup comedy, TV shows, and movies, The Last Laugh offers fresh insights into the Holocaust, our own psyches, and what else—9/11, AIDS, racism— is or isn’t off-limits in a society that prizes freedom of speech. In the process, The Last Laugh also disproves the idea that there is nothing left to say about the Holocaust, and opens a fresh avenue for approaching this epochal tragedy. Star-studded, provocative and thoroughly entertaining, The Last Laugh dares to ask uncomfortable questions about just how free speech can really be, with unexpected and hilarious results that will leave you both laughing and appreciating the importance of humor even in the face of events that make you want to cry.

88 minutes
Ferne Pearlstein

Shown at

  1. 16th Annual Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. 19th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2017
  3. 21st Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  4. 27th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  5. 33rd Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film - 2018
  6. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  7. Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  8. Boulder Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  9. Central Massachusetts Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  10. Charlotte Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  11. Columbia Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  12. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  13. Edmonton Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  14. Jewish Arts and Film Festival of Fairfield County - 2017
  15. JFilm Festival (Pittsburgh) - 2017
  16. Judaica - Mostra de Cultura e Cinema - 2017
  17. Michiana Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  18. Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  19. Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  20. Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival - 2018
  21. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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