The 90 Minute War / Milhemet 90 Hadakot

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted 100 years. 100 years of war, bloodshed, bitterness, suffering. 100 years of stalemate, intransigence and failed peace deals. And now, it's all over! They've finally found the solution: A game of soccer. The winner gets to stay. The loser leaves forever. And no whining.

Original title:
Milhemet 90 Hadakot
90 minutes
Eyal Halfon
Poster for The 90 Minute War / Milhemet 90 Hadakot

Shown at

  1. 22nd Annual Jewish Film Festival of Dallas - 2018
  2. 22nd Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  3. 5th Annual Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  4. Athens Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  5. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  6. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  7. JPL Israeli Film Festival (Montreal) - 2018
  8. Savannah Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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