Spring Chicken

Poster for Spring Chicken Anny Junek, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, loves dressing up for the Jewish holiday of Purim. In fact, she’s the three-time champion of her Israeli retirement home's annual costume contest (as a bride, a Smurf, a doctor, and a handyman). She basks in the element of surprise and never reveals her costume before the contest. After losing her parents in Auschwitz and surviving Bergen-Belsen, Anny moved from Austria to Mexico where she raised her family. Now a great-grandmother in Israel, Anny and her family have hatched a plan for a fourth win. Spring Chicken is a documentary short which follows Anny as she celebrates life's small moments and finds beauty in the most unexpected places.

12 minutes
Tamir Elterman

Shown at

  1. 27th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  2. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  3. Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  4. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2018
  5. Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  6. Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  7. Moscow Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  8. Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  9. Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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