Sara Stein – Shalom Berlin / Der Tel-Aviv-Krimi

A tense and suspenseful drama that will appeal to fans of CSI and other police thrillers. In vibrant contemporary Berlin, with so many Israelis living in Germany, Jewish criminal investigator Sara Stein is trying to solve the murder of Tamar, an Israeli DJ and star of the Berlin club scene. While suspicion lies on her Palestinian boyfriend Khalid, political and religious factors influence the case, but will they lead Sara to the killer? Helping her is an Israeli pianist (played by Itay Tiran from Demon), who wins the affections of Sara and prompts her to think about her identity as a secular German-born Jew.

Original title:
Der Tel-Aviv-Krimi
88 minutes
Matthias Tiefenbacher

Shown at

  1. 21st Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  2. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  3. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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