Our Father / The Bouncer

Poster for Our Father / The Bouncer Ovadia is the strongest and most violent doorman of Tel Aviv night clubs. He has no fear of anything and he never lost a fight . His biggest dream is to become a father, he and his wife Rachel are trying to get pregnant for almost five years. A small time gangster named Shalom Rozental sees a great potential in Ovadia. Ovadia sees this as great option to start an expensive treatment for his wife

Original title:
The Bouncer
107 minutes
Meni Yaish

Shown at

  1. 19th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2017
  2. 22nd Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  3. 28th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  4. 5th Annual Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  5. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  6. Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  7. Cleveland Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  8. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  9. Israeli Film Festival (Nepal) - 2017
  10. Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  11. SERET the London Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2017
  12. Seret: The Amsterdam Israeli Film and Television Festival - 2017
  13. Warsaw Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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