Moon in the 12th House

Two sisters, Mira and Lenny, were separated as children due to tragic circumstances. They are young women when they meet again, and their renewed encounter takes them on a journey, during which they mature and overcome their sense of guilt.

110 minutes
Dorit Hakim


Shown at

  1. 19th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2017
  2. 25th Portland Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  3. Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  4. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  5. Jewish Latino Film Series - 2018
  6. JewishFilm - 2017
  7. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2019
  8. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  9. SERET the London Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2016
  10. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival - 2019

2 Responses

  1. Nora Clifford says:

    Loved the movie. Should win an Oscar. Very moving

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