I’m Okay / Alles gut

Poster for I’m Okay / Alles gut When Djaner, 7, sat down next to his new classmates on his first day at a German primary school, he could hardly believe it. Lena, whose birthday it was, was given a candle and a pen as a gift. The whole class sang to her. In Macedonia, Djaner's former homeland, school was all about being afraid of being beaten. As a member of the Roma community, he fled to Hamburg with his brother Mamud and his depressive mother. Here, in a country which wants to deport him and his family, he yearns for home. Ghofran, 11, initially hoped she would be leaving Germany again soon. She listens to Arabic hip hop and still lives in Syria in her dreams while her father, Adal is battling for the right to stay forever. At school Ghofran meets girls who can do anything. But which parts of this does she want to accept and what is she prepared to give up for it?

Original title:
Alles gut
95 minutes
Pia Lenz

Shown at

  1. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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